Photo Submissions

Besides our photo club programs, we depend on members sharing their photos from the monthly assignment to learn and appreciate the different viewpoints, techniques and compositional aspects that our diverse membership have to offer.

During our photo sharing sessions, we welcome comments on how the photos were taken by our members and constructive suggestions by others on how improvements may be made while taking the photos and how enhancements might be achieved in the “digital darkroom” through the use of computer software programs.

Members photo submission for inclusion in monthly sharing and discussion:

Submit only 3 photos by email with file names in this convention: MF-txw-trilium1

MF for May Flowers (month assignment name)-your three initials (use x if you don’t have a middle initial)-unique image # or image name.

Additional photos may be submitted in the event we have more time at the end of the review session.  These photos will have the same naming convention as above except adding an x before the image # or image name.  ie, MF-txw-xtrilium6.

In past meetings, we have had photo submissions by different number of members, from as high as 8 members to a low of only 2 members.  With a membership of 34 and growing, and average attendance being 16, the number of photos to view can vary;  thus, we encourage members to submit more images for sharing in the event there is more time at the end of the photo sharing session.

In the event you are unable to send by email, please bring your images properly named as above on a USB memory stick or memory card to the meeting between  2:00 – 2:30 pm.

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