Club Meeting December 13, 2014

Sylva Photo Club will meet on Saturday, December 13, from 3-5 PM at  a new location,  Cullowhee Methodist Church (ground floor) on 416 Central Drive located within the Western North Carolina University campus (map).    

 The photo topic for December is “Thanksgiving  / Gratitude”.  Our un-moderated Camera Talk hour is still open at 2-3 pm, where members and visitors can socialize and talk shop about photography. The program is a workshop on “What’s in Your Camera Bag”.  Members and guests are encouraged to bring your camera bag or a list of what’s in your camera bag.  Be prepared to share with other members and guests the reasons why you have these items and how you make use of them.  Time permitting, attendees can share with others why they chose the camera they are using and why it is the best camera for their individual use.  With our possible  permanent relocation of our meetings to the WNC campus, we have the opportunity to attract campus faculty, staff and students.  Our club is currently considering  a student membership rate which will be decided at this next meeting.  Visitors and guests are always welcome!

Photo Submission Rules:

All photos have to be imported into Lightroom for properly configured color rendition to view on our new 55″ HD TV display system.  Therefore, all photos need to be submitted by email no later then 6 pm the Friday before the meeting day.  If you bring digital photos to the meeting, they must be in our hands by 2:30 pm day of the meeting.  All submissions must be renamed properly: Topic is TG. Your two Initials. Your day of birth. Image name or #.  i.e., tgtw05turkey003.  Total of 6 images may be submitted by any member.

For more information, please contact 828 226-3840