August 12, 2017 Club Meeting

The Study of Light in Photography                                            

Sylva Photo Club is presenting “The Study of Light in Photography” by Tony Wu on Saturday, August 12, 2017 at 2 pm in the Cullowhee Methodist Church, 416 Central Drive on the WCU campus.  

 Photography’s medium is light, and all photographers must use light to create photographs.  Light can be hard or soft; direct or indirect; warm or cool; and/or from any direction.  Tony will define and identify light in all its forms, and how to use it to create the image and mood you desire.  Studying light is the very essence of any photograph and to understand it will help you create better photographs.  This is Part One of a Two Part series.  Part Two is “The Application and Control of Light” and will be presented at a later date.

 Tony Wu is a retired professional photographer from Colorado where he had a studio for 14 years specializing in Portraits, Weddings, Commercial and Restoration photography.  He was past president of the Professional Photographers of Colorado, and has been published in regional newspapers along with the Rangefinder Magazine.  He is the founder of the Sylva Photo Club and teaches photography locally.

 Share and Tell Session will follow with the theme of “Old, Antique or Abandoned”.  Members, please download on a USB thumb drive any pictures you would like to share.

 Cost to guests and visitors for this program on August 12th is $5 donation (applied to membership for this year).  Annual membership to the Sylva Photo Club is a $20 donation; $10 for students.

 Sylva Photo Club encourages meeting like-minded people to promote photography knowledge, friendship and photographic opportunities.
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For more information, email, or call Tony Wu at (828) 226-3840