Follow-up on May 2017 Field Trip

May Newsletter.

1) Dr. Dan Pittillo to share his Spring flora photography
2) Share & Tell theme: a) Blossoms & b) Street Photography
3) Details on Larry Thompson’s classes and discount offer

April’s field trip to Dr. Dan Pittillo’s natural preserve was attended by 15 members and guests. Two more had signed up but due to unforeseeable circumstances, could not make it at the last minute. Dr. Pittillo was on hand to point out plants & blossoms and help identify the multitude of spring wildflowers and interesting plants on his preserve. I would be very pleased if those who went on this field trip and took pictures would share their images with the rest of our members at our share and tell session.

May 13 Meeting Program:
For those who were unable to make this well attended field trip, Pittillo has been kind enough to accept our invitation to present the May 13th program. He will share some of his spring flora photography with our photo club.
Dr. Dan Pittillo, Retired Professor of Biology at Western Carolina University has been a student of floristics of the southern Appalachian region for most of his years since he first collected for the Flora of the Carolinas in 1956. The last of the original 1977 founders of the North Carolina Bartram Society, he continues to serve on the Board. Conservation of NC Natural Heritage Areas remains one of his primary goals. He delights in leading regional field hikes.

Our Show and Tell theme for May is a twosome: Blossoms and Street Photography. Members only; please bring your images on a USB thumb drive.

Our meeting is always on the second Saturday of the month from 2-4 pm at the Cullowhee Methodist Church on WCU campus. The address is 416 Central Drive.

Membership donation is $20 per year and visitors are welcome with a requested donation of $5 which is applied toward current year membership donation of $20, meaning after 4 visits, automatically become a member. Student membership donation is only $10!

Special Class Offers

Club member, Larry Thompson, has very generously offered each of us a discounted fee of only $20 for any of his upcoming classes:

Spring Wildflowers Identification Workshop Saturday, May 20, 8am – 1pm

Birdwatchers for Beginners, Saturday, June 24, 8am – 1pm

Summer & Fall Wildflower Identification, Saturday, 8am – Noon

Neighborhood Nature Photography, Saturday, July 29 9am – 3pm

Larry Thompson has taught nature courses and led bird watching, wildflower and photography field trips for over 30 years. During this time he was the National Audubon Society’s Southeast Regional Vice President for 20 years. Larry is a resident of Balsam. For more information please see his class brochure.