November 2017 Newsletter

Let us Celebrate our Photo Club’s completion of its fourth year at our December Meeting with Treats and good Cheer!
Nov. 11th meeting notes

Sylva Photo Club December 9th 2017 Organization Meeting

Invitation to bring Holiday Treats

Invitation to add to or amend suggested agenda

Invitation to Submit nominations

Nov. 11,2017 Meeting Notes

Our meeting featuring Colby McLemore brought in 22 members and visitors to his program, How to Look at and Critique Images.  Two visitors came all the way from Tennessee!  They also joined 6 of our members to share lunch with Colby at Bogarts, went on the Photo Walk after the meeting and stayed for dinner with Colby at Sazon’s.  As you can see from the photos, there were many who went on the Photo Walk and Colby was able to share and demonstrate his wonderful and instructive portrait tips with the help of our two young models and their grandma.

The December 9th Organization Meeting will be the last one over which I will preside.  At the end of this meeting, I will hand over the entire leadership and most resources to the selected team.  Other resources, such as files and current record keeping system,  complete with training, within a 10 days.  Please attend if you are at all interested in the future of our club.  Make your thoughts, ideas and voice heard!  In what direction would you like our club to head?

Ideally, there should be a board of directors, a president, a secretary, a treasurer, a program manager, a PR manager, a social media manager and a membership manager.  Currently, we are thankful to have three actively participating members: Diane Jettinghoff as our PR manager, Sue Heckert as our social media manager and Clare Nordmann as our welcome desk and sign in person.

I invite active participation during this meeting by first starting with an invitation for items to be added or amended to the suggested agenda below.

  1. First half hour at 2:00 to 2:30 PM will be our Four-Year Celebration and Holiday Social “1/2 Hour” where we can mix and share holiday treats.
  2. From 2:30-3:15 we will talk about the future of our club and the path you want it to head.
  3. From 3:15-3:45 we will have selection of the new team to lead the Club.
  4. From 3:45-4:00 the new team will have an informal meeting to set up a time for training and to hand over the files, resources and “how to’s” of the general operations of the newsletters and record keeping of the club for the past 4 years. 

Suggested Leadership Organization?  Please start thinking if you might be the one to fill one or more of these positions below.  If not you, think of who in our club would be a good candidate?  Send me your nominations and lets get the ball rolling!

  • Chairperson or President
  • Program Manager(s) Might be nice to have two so they can alternate every other month?
  • Treasurer (Might be a combined position with Membership Chair)
  • Secretary (Might be a combined position with either PR or Social Media Chair?)
  • Membership Manager
  • Public Relations Manager
  • Social Media Manager

Just so you know that the new team taking over club leadership and management will not be left with the necessity of having to scramble for monthly programs, we already have in the pipeline programs for January, February & March.

For details and further information, please contact me or call me at 828 226-3840.