October 14, 2017 Newsletter

Newsletter for Oct 14, 2017

Meeting Agenda:

1.    September Cookout:

2.    October 14 Program: Part 2 “The Study of Light in Photography”

3.    November 11th Program: “How to Look at and Critique Images”

4.    December 9th Program:  Organization Meeting

·       Tony Wu to step down from club duties

5.    2018 Programs

Our September cookout was another success with 14 members and guests attending.  Special thanks to Ed Jettinghoff for again being the “grill master extraordinaire”.

Once again, I have spent many hours preparing this program for your enjoyment and en”light”enment.  Please do come and don’t miss this opportunity to get a better understanding of how to make use of light and how to control and modify light for better photographs!


October 14th Program
Sylva Photo Club is presenting “The Study of Light in Photography: Part 2” by Tony Wu on Saturday, October 14, 2017 at 2 pm in the Cullowhee Methodist Church, 416 Central Drive on the WCU campus.
Tony will do a quick review of what he covered in our September meeting “The Study of Light in Photography, Part 1” consisting of the topics: The Nature of Light; The Quality of Light; and The Direction of Light.  Then the program will be followed by Part 2: The Color of Light; The Quantity of Light; and finally “The Application and Control of Light.”  Assisting in this last topic will be John MacLean, professional photographer and club member from Franklin, who is slated to do a club program on lighting in early 2018.  In addition, club member Larry Thompson, from Balsam, will share his knowledge on how to manage and control the background in nature photography.

Cost for this program on October 14th is $5 donation for guests (applied to membership for this year). Annual membership to the Sylva Photo Club is a $20 donation; $10 for students.

Share and Tell will follow with the theme of “Use of Unique Lighting”. Please download any images you would like to share onto a USB thumb drive.

Photography’s medium is light, and all photographers must use light to create photographs. Identification of the different aspects of light – control, quality, direction, color, and, application – will help any photographer improve their final images. This presentation will also show how lighting can be created with very simple, inexpensive tools for both indoor and outdoor photography.

Sylva Photo Club encourages meeting like-minded people to promote photography knowledge, friendship and photographic opportunities. We can be found on Facebook at Sylva Photo Club; email sylvaphotoclub@gmail.com; or for more information call Tony Wu at (828) 226-3840.
Our November program on the 11th will feature “How to Look At and Critique Images” by professional Photographer Colby McLemore from Knoxville, TN. To find out more about the program, go to “How to Look and Critique Images”. 
The December 9th Organization Meeting will be a general meeting to select a new team to manage, lead and promote our photo club henceforth.


In 2018, we have three months program lined up; subject to your input as to the exact topic and date selection of these programs:  Photoshop CC Features (TBD) by Roger Bacon, Lighting by John MacLean, Another Photoshop CC Features (TBD), and in the works: Milky Way Photography, Travel Photography & Nature Photography.