Solar Filter Workshop July 21, 2017

Free Solar Eclipse Filter Construction Workshop, Friday July 21 and Free Filter Material Available

The Solar Eclipse gods must be smiling on the Sylva Photo Club as we were gifted with 10 Black Polymer Filter sheets (8.5X11)! Actually, it was a visitor to Roger Bacon’s program July 12 who was inspired to order one sheet from Thousand Oaks Optical for $22.00. What she received is a pack of 12! They said to keep it and give to her friends! Since she could only use one, she decided to give it to our club specifying that one be given to Roger Bacon and the rest to our club.

Tony contacted Roger to give him the good news and he agreed that we should have a filter making workshop and he would be on hand to give advice as needed. Since each sheet measures 8 ½ X 11, we should have at least enough material for 40 or more (4 ¼ X 5 ½) filters depending on the size of the lenses.

A quick search on the web found that instead of having to buy a 8.5×11 sheet for $22, you could find a 4X4 square for $9.99 or a pre-made 90mm filter for a camera or telescope for $24.95 as seen below.

Tony thought it would be a great time to share our good fortune by first having a workshop on building our own Solar Filters and at the same time, offer these filter material free to members and share at low cost to others on our Visitors, Interested Parties and past members.

4’X4″ Black Polymer Filter sheet from Thousand Oaks Optical available for $9.99 from Amazon!

Universal Solar Lens Filter 90mm for camera or telescope Available For $24.95 from Amazon

Therefore, we will invite:
All paid members who will get first chance for one lens filter material free of charge.
We will also invite all past members as well as visitors/Interested Parties on our mailing lists. These individuals will be allotted second and third chances depending on availability of filter materials left over.

All paid members will receive enough material for one lens.
Additional filer material for a second lens ill be available to members at $5.
The rest, (past members and visitors) will cost $5.00 for filter material (4 ¼ X 5 ½) good for one lens or more. This amount will also go toward our 2017 membership dues of $20 for those who are not yet members!

Cash only Please!
Filter Material may be picked up at the workshop only. However, paid member may make other arrangements to pick up their materials if they are unable to attend the workshop.
We will also invite the general public to any filter materials left for $5 each.
These funds will go towards building our photo club’s learning library starting with the purchase of the National Geographic Fundamentals of Photography and their Masters of Photography DVD courses where members can check them out for free with a refundable deposit.

Please help me gauge the interest level for the filter material by email me at with the subject titled “Solar Filter Material”. Please indicate if you are a paid member, past member or Interested Party and please list your phone number. I will try to reserve filter materials in the order of the email’s date and time stamped but members first!

The filter making workshop will be at the Cullowhee Methodist Church on Friday, July 21 from 7 – 9 PM in the same room as where we hold our regular Second Saturday of the month meetings.

  • What you can expect at the workshop:
    Roger Bacon will be on hand to offer tips and suggestions on how to make your own Solar Filter
    Filter Material, free for one lens for members; addition filter material for a second lens for $5
    Filter material $5 for one lens for past members or Interested Parties invited by this email
    Black Foam Core board squares to affix filter material and double-stick tape while supply lasts.
    Some X-ACTO & box cutters, coping saws, drills, and misc. hand tools
    You may or may not finish the construction of your filter but at least we will get you started!
  • What to bring to the workshop:
    Your Lens(es)
    Anything that you can easily slip over your lens(es) that can be used to serve as a filter ring to affix the solar filter film material (a circular tube/plastic lid/tin can)
    Tools that will help in the constructing of your solar filter
    Double-stick tape if you have any on hand
    The camera and tripod you plan to use for the Solar Eclipse so we can help you with your dry run of photographing the event.
  • Bonus:
    Check out this neat site: but beware that the internet and wireless service might be very congested or unreliable during the solar event! This site allows you to have practice dry runs after you plug in your location.
    We will have a few extra handouts to share from Johnny Horne’s Solar Eclipse program from July 13 at this workshop